Fitness Bicycle Rental

Fitness Bicycle Rental
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Built with an ALUXX aluminum frame and a wide range of easy-to-operate gearing, The Fitness bike is a fun, efficient way to leave your worries behind. Its smooth-rolling 700c wheels and stable frame geometry make it fast and sporty enough for a fitness routine, and comfortable enough to commute or just cruise.

Every bicycle rental comes equipped with a rear rack, lock, water bottle holder, front pouch, bike bell, custom route maps and optional bungee cords. We will assign every rental a helmet even though it is not required by state law. We encourage all our customers to wear a helmet. 

There are three main rides that we recommend: Diamond Head/ Kapiolani Park/ Kahala, Manoa Falls Bike & Hike and Magic Island and Waikiki. Be prepared to drive with heavy city traffic if you want to explore downtown Honolulu/ Kakaa'ako. We only recommend riding out to Hanauma Bay/ Koko Head and Tantalus on the Fitness bike and e-bike.

No matter what route you choose you will be exposed to city traffic. A lot of areas within Honolulu are not very bike friendly. As a city we are making progress, but it is very slow. We will do our best to keep you on the most bike friendly routes by providing you with a custom bike map at the time of your rental. If you are riding at night you are required to have a bike light. We will offer them for rental for $5 for the first day and $1 for each additional day. 

Riding a bike around Honolulu is really convenient. Make sure to take advantage of our staff and inquire about what to do and where to go on your bicycle.